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Much, much more. Much more than a pop group. The Beatles are the symbol of a generation. They have been since the 60s, they are now, and they always will be.
And why? Because they are a unique, once in a lifetime group, and their influence is everlasting. This is nothing new, not by a long shot. It started in 1963 when the Beatles took the world by storm. And this influence is not just related to music. The Beatles have characterised a generation, they gave it style and form and, consequently, they created “fashion”. Yes. BEATLES FASHION.
The BEATLES FASHION, created as a result of generational admiration, can be seen in the grey suit jackets or in the immense number of objects that go beyond collectors’ items and identify the style created based on the boys from Liverpool. They have made their mark and they are also unique and adorable.
In BEATLES FASHION, there are garments for all occasions where this admiration can be identified and displayed with pride.
It can be done. It can be shared.
Welcome to the 080 BEATLES FASHION festival.
Jordi Tardà
Museu del Rock de Barcelona (Barcelona Rock Museum)

Departament d'Innovació, Universitats i Empresa

With the collaboration of:

Ajuntament de Barcelona